Clean and Efficient Power by Powergy

Clean and Efficient Power by Powergy

Protect your CNC, Laser & EDM machine tools and other sensitive equipment in your building with Powergy!

Voltage fluctuations and transients (or commonly known as surges and spikes) are the primarily causes of mission critical machines shutting down during operations.  They cost manufacturers too much money only to discover the same problem recurring.

For more than 20 years, Powergy Integrated Power Conditioner has saved manufacturers thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance.

Typical machine operations are subject to varying load requirements and non-linear power characteristics.  The demand inadvertently creates a stress to the power network in the surrounding area, causing the voltage to fluctuate drastically and generating surges and spikes in the area.

Powergy Integrated Power Conditioner connects in parallel across the input power lines of a machine.  Its reactive power circuitry increases the capacity of the power system which then prevents the power from fluctuating drastically.  Its hi-energy across-the-line surge suppression circuitry absorbs transient energy instantaneously as they occur and prevents the sensitive electronics inside the machine from overloading.

Powergy Clean Power Systems Features:

• US Patented design

• No moving parts.  Maintenance free

• UL508 in durable NEMA12 enclosure

• UL1449 rated surge suppression components

Take action now to protect:

Damage to motors and compressors

Damage to AC systems

Damage to workpiece surface

Breakage to tool

Damage to control boards

Damage  to spindle

Loss of revenue

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