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Space cooling and heating use 46% of all energy consumed in U.S. buildings.  Air-conditioning is the single leading cause of peak demand for electricity. 
-- US DOE.

LED Solar Power Cogen CHP


Our energy analytics allow you to pin point where the energy waste are and where you have overspent. We monitor and track how energy is used "before" and "after" our intervention. We integrate with energy authorities for applicable cash incentives. Our goal is to make positive impact on your bottom line, and ultimately on the environment.

We specialize in Reducing Operating Costs in:

  • Central Plants
  • Heating & Cooling Systems (HVAC)
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Pumps & Motors
  • Lighting Systems
  • Elevators
  • Switchgear and Distribution Systems


Watch video for Cogen (CHP):
Watch video for VFD:
Watch video for Solar Energy Pricing:
Courtesy of YouTube, Aegis Energy, Bella Energy & Emerson

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